Game Change

2012 was a “game changing” year in my life. What I mean by that is that this year was significantly different in many ways. I feel I improved and evolved as a person substantially.


Above all else, I learned to be true to myself and actually practiced it.

That may sound cliche, but it’s true. I’ve been hearing “be true to yourself” my whole life, and I thought I knew what it meant. Maybe I did, but I hardly ever practiced it. I tried very hard to gain approval of others, even if it had a negative effect on me, or meant I couldn’t do what I loved.

This year, I learned that approval is overrated.

These words from the CrossFit Lisbeth blog influenced me greatly: “Stop waiting for permission to live your life, or do what you really want to do. You got one go-round. One. You can be brave and risk your heart and breath and love a million times a day … or you can play it safe and make sure that you’re doing the right thing before you do it…Don’t wait for approval. Go out and be exactly who you want to be.”

So that was “the big one.” Here are some other, more specific accomplishments I’m proud of:

  • I campaigned my heart out for Ron Paul (I know I said I wouldn’t talk about politics on here…I’m not going to try to convince you of anything, just relay an experience). In fact, I began this year in Ankeny, Iowa, either spending 8 hours a day in a stuffy office phone banking or block walking in 8 degree weather. To some people this might sound unpleasant, but for me, these 10 days were some of the best of my life. I met some awesome people who are great friends.
    I led the Youth for Ron Paul chapter at UNT. We were small but we made our presence known!
    I became an alternate-delegate for the 2012 Republican Party of Texas Convention, and supported great liberty candidates, including Ron Paul. Met many awesome people there, too.
    The thing about this is, some people didn’t want me to become so involved. Maybe they disagreed with Ron Paul or thought I was becoming a “Paulbot.” I didn’t abandon my passion just to please them, and I’m so glad I didn’t. I wouldn’t trade my experiences with the Ron Paul campaign and activism for anything. This is an example of me being “true to myself.”
    When I voted in November, I felt confident that I had literally done all I could for the candidate I believed in. It was a satisfying feeling.
    Did I mention I met Dr. Paul for the second time, too? ;)
  • I began doing CrossFit in July. This has been an amazing experience. Never in my life have I been an athletic person. Throughout my childhood and early college years I tried several sports: basketball, soccer, volleyball and lacrosse. I always felt like the worst on the team. I had very poor endurance when it came to running, and my coordination with the ball wasn’t spectacular. Plus, I have a history with social awkwardness, so that didn’t help my interaction with other team members.
    My bad experiences with team sports caused me to shy away from exercise. By the time my stint with lacrosse in high school failed, I thought to myself, “I guess I’m just not athletic, and I never will be. No use trying.” I became pretty sedentary.
    When I came to college I began exercising at the rec center and was able to lose quite a bit of weight at first, but my weight fluctuated. Also, I was all about cardio. Weight training was really intimidating for me.
    Then my boyfriend (who lost 70 lbs through CrossFit and the paleo diet) encouraged me to begin CrossFit. I am doing things now that I wouldn’t have DREAMED of doing any time in my past. I can do pull-ups with assisted bands, and I’m improving greatly. A couple weeks ago I did a 92.5 lb back squat (!!!). I went from doing 12″ box jumps to 20″ box jumps. The feeling of getting stronger is like no other.
    I’m SO excited to realize my full potential in CrossFit!
  • I made changes to certain beliefs of mine and found I no longer have cognitive dissonance. In the interest of not over-sharing, I won’t go into those.


Always demand more from yourself. Be ambitious. If you know you can do more, don’t settle or be content with your current situation.

“…Thomas Alva Edison never invented the light bulb by being content. They know George Washington and Thomas Jefferson didn’t found a new country by beingcontent. (Perhaps those abolitionists should have just been content, right? And it’s pretty obvious those civil rights marchers sure didn’t display a lot of contentment!) They know the scientists at NASA didn’t put a man on the moon by being content. (I would have loved to see that conversation: “You know guys, we already sent a man into outer space, don’t you think this drive to put a man on the moon shows a lack of contentment in what we already have?”) And finally, they know Steve Jobs wouldn’t have invented the iPhone if he had simply been content.” via Libby Anne

2012 has been a great year. I am thankful for it. 2013, hopefully, will be another year of progress :)

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